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Researchers Identify New Genes Linked With Schizophrenia Risk in First-of-Its-Kind Study

Researchers have made an important discovery about the causes of schizophrenia, a disease related to dementia or fragmented mentality.   Researchers have identified two genes associated with the disease as well as a third gene that carries the risk of schizophrenia and autism. Scientists involved in this research believes, this discovery can go a long way in finding a cure for these kind of diseases. Researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine found that these harmful genes are almost the same in every ethnic or racial group. The findings of this research were published in Nature Genetics . According to an estimate, about one percent of people worldwide suffering from schizophrenia. The scientists identified two risky genes, SRRM2 and AKAP11, based on a comparative analysis of gene sequencing from individuals with schizophrenia and healthy individuals. It compared a dataset of 35,828 patients with schizophrenia to 107,877 healthy or control groups and included a variety of
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Insulin Deficiency From Insulin Gene Mutation Leads to Smaller Pancreas

A new thing has come to light about the case of insulin deficient diabetes type-1 patients. Researchers found that the pancreas of such patients is smaller than the pancreas of a healthy person.   Beta cells responsible for producing insulin make up a very small portion of the pancreas. Therefore, it was not expected to reduce the size of pancreas due to their degradation in type-1 diabetes. Researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center studied to a family living in Alabama and found that insulin deficiency, not autoimmune diabetes, is the primary cause of pancreatic shortening in type 1 diabetes. Four out of eight members of this family were suffering from monogenetic diabetes. It is caused by a rare mutation in the insulin gene.   This leads to insulin deficiency without autoimmunity. MRI of pancreas found that it was smaller in size and abnormal in shape in diabetic patients. This was similar to what was observed in individuals with type 1 diabetes.  The research

Eye Masks Can Really Help Improve Your Overall Quality of Sleep

Sufficient and deep sleep is essential for our health and wellness. Insufficient sleep creates many kind of physical and mental problems for our healthy life. Recently, a new research has revealed that sleeping with blindfolds increases brain function . Blindfold prevents dim lights coming from the window to falling on eyes. This does not disturb our sleep and we are able to sleep deeply. Getting enough and deep sleep at night increases our brain's ability to receive informations and communication skills. In a study published in Sleep Journal , Eye masks increases our memory and alertness. Research author Vivana Greco, from Cardiff University's School of Psychology , said the team of researchers used two types of experiments to understand how eye masks help us. The team of researchers monitored both the groups for a week. The research concluded that the cognitive level of the group using the eye mask was higher than that of the group that did not use the eye mask. T

Stone Age Humans Wore Bear Skins 300,000 Years Ago

How did prehistoric humans protect himself from adverse weather impacts?  We have very little information about it. Recently, archaeologists from Germany have claimed that contemporary humans probably used bear skins to cover their bodies.  Bear claws and other body parts remains found in a cave suggest that bears and other fur-bearing animals were hunted for their fur about three million years ago. Author Ivo Verheijen from the University of Tumbingen in Germany says that some prehistoric sites show evidence of bear skinning. Germany's Schöningen is important in such places. According to the study, fur, leather, and other organic materials cannot be preserved for more than a million years, so there is very little direct evidence of clothing. Bears' hair was windproof According to the researchers, the size of the prehistoric bears was very large, their size was as big as the polar bears which became extinct about 25000 years ago.   Those bears had long hair on t

The Causes of Memory Loss Due to Breast Cancer Were Revealed

It is not enough to get rid of cancer. Cancer, and chemotherapy used for its treatment have long-term side effects. Even after getting cured of this disease, patients have to face many types of health related problems. Scientists are trying to find solutions to minimize the side effects of chemotherapy or systems used to treat cancer. One such problem is the loss of memory in patients after recovery from breast cancer. Scientists are trying to find out the reasons for this. Researchers from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) have succeeded in this matter. According to research published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology , the relation between memory loss or decline in inflammation during treatment has been found. According to the findings of this research, cancer patients who have recovered from breast cancer, whose memory is impaired, have higher levels of inflammatory Marker-C Reactive Protein (CRP). Judith Carroll, lead author of the research and associat

Keep Curious! It Enhances Memory by 30% And is Also Improves Our Learning Abilities

Curiosity should always be there in life, it is very helpful for increase our ability to learn. Continuity of curiosity drives away stress and enhances our memory and creativity. Not only this, the mind is also engaged in job and performance. How important is curiosity in life and what are its benefits? A lot of research has been done to find the answer of this question. The purpose of these studies is to spread greater awareness about the benefits of being curious. Curiosity offers a better psychological solution to stress. A research conducted at the University of California revealed that curiosity increases our memory unexpectedly. This increases the ability to remember different types of facts by up to 30% and more. Curiosity boosts our memory when we try to learn something new and complex. We find our work more attractive and we are able to perform better. We will remember the facts for a long time, the facts about which we will work eagerly. Another research reveale

The Cells That Died Due to Heart Attack Can Be Revived With the Help of Hormones

Even after a heart attack, our heart can be as healthy as before. This has been revealed in a research conducted by the University of California. Scientists found in this study that heart cells that die as a result of a heart attack can be regenerated with the help of special hormones. The most important thing is that these cells will also be as natural as before, which will prove to be very beneficial in the case of gene therapy procedures. Right now this test has been done only on rats, it is yet to be tested on humans. If this test proves to be effective on humans as well, then it will be very important for the normal life of people who have had a heart attack and their heart has become much weaker than before. In this test done on rats, a synthetic messenger ribonucleic acid was used. In this technique, mRNA creates a blueprint of DNA sequences, which our body uses where proteins and cells are made and controlled. The purpose of doing this by scientists is to change the