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Researchers Identify New Genes Linked With Schizophrenia Risk in First-of-Its-Kind Study

Researchers have made an important discovery about the causes of schizophrenia, a disease related to dementia or fragmented mentality.   Researchers have identified two genes associated with the disease as well as a third gene that carries the risk of schizophrenia and autism. Scientists involved in this research believes, this discovery can go a long way in finding a cure for these kind of diseases. Researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine found that these harmful genes are almost the same in every ethnic or racial group. The findings of this research were published in Nature Genetics . According to an estimate, about one percent of people worldwide suffering from schizophrenia. The scientists identified two risky genes, SRRM2 and AKAP11, based on a comparative analysis of gene sequencing from individuals with schizophrenia and healthy individuals. It compared a dataset of 35,828 patients with schizophrenia to 107,877 healthy or control groups and included a variety of

The Cells That Died Due to Heart Attack Can Be Revived With the Help of Hormones

Even after a heart attack, our heart can be as healthy as before. This has been revealed in a research conducted by the University of California. Scientists found in this study that heart cells that die as a result of a heart attack can be regenerated with the help of special hormones. The most important thing is that these cells will also be as natural as before, which will prove to be very beneficial in the case of gene therapy procedures. Right now this test has been done only on rats, it is yet to be tested on humans. If this test proves to be effective on humans as well, then it will be very important for the normal life of people who have had a heart attack and their heart has become much weaker than before. In this test done on rats, a synthetic messenger ribonucleic acid was used. In this technique, mRNA creates a blueprint of DNA sequences, which our body uses where proteins and cells are made and controlled. The purpose of doing this by scientists is to change the

Vegetarianism is as Nutritious as Non-Vegetarian Food for Children's Development

The debate about vegetarianism and non-vegetarianism has been going on for a long time. Different things keep coming to the fore about which of these is more nutritious. A recent study has revealed that the growth and nutrition of vegetarian children is similar to that of children who eat meat. Researchers from St. Michael's Hospital did this study on about nine thousand children. The findings of this study were published in the journal Pediatrics . The study's findings support changes in dietary habits among Canadians. The Food Guide of Canada was updated in the year 2019. In which people were urged to consume vegetable based proteins, beans and tofu etc., instead of meat in their diet. According to the study's lead author and pediatrician Dr. Jonathan Maguire at St. Michael's Hospital of Unity Health Toronto, plant-based diets have increased in popularity during the past 20 years. Eating habits are changing with the increase in plant-based diet choices. Ho

Skin Gas Will Tell About Health And Wellness

Need various types of tests on time to time for keep an eye on our health. Apart from this, there are many wearable devices available to monitor our health in better way. Now, scientists have developed a wearable device that can measure health status by measuring the gas released from the skin.  With the help of this, people can become aware about their health. It gives signals to take precaution or to be alert. Most of the research so far has been based on finding out about health through biomarkers released in sweat.  These are linked to the electrical signal emanating from the chemicals. But it requires a high amount of sweating. There are many smart watch or fitness tracker devices in the market which take conclusion by measuring the heartbeat or body temperature.  Now researchers from Ohio State University in the US have developed a technique that can identify biomarkers related to diseases such as heart disease or diabetes. Recommended ⬇️  Lack of Sleep Not Only Incr

The Use of Energy for Physical and Mental Development Depends on Genes in Our Body

Perhaps you will be surprised sometimes by the fact that the same type of food is good for someone's health while someone looks weak. But now this mystery has been solved. Researchers from the University of Helsinki reported that even minor genetic variation affects the use of energy from different nutrients. This research was published in the journal Nature Communications . Through this study, it has emerged that how nutrition plans based on genetic data can be designed for a healthy life in an individual. An international team of researchers from Australia, Denmark and Finland has investigated that how people in the same population survive on different diets. For this study, the researchers used a genetic reference panel of about 200 fruit fly (Drosophila Melanogaster) strains. These flies were given six types of diet, which was high in a mixture of protein, sugar, starch, coconut oil and fat. This analysis found that there was a difference in the use of energy deriv

The Curcumin Found in Turmeric is Very Beneficial for The Tissues and Blood Vessels

A lot of information has come to the fore about the medicinal properties of turmeric. Now a research from the University of California states that the curcumin found in turmeric can prove to be very beneficial in the development of artificial blood vessels and tissues. The research findings were published in the journal ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces . From this study, it is indicated that the bioengineers at Riverside will soon be able to develop blood vessels and tissues in the laboratory. As a result of this achievement, it will be easier to replace or regenerate damaged tissue in humans. Curcumin has antioxidant properties that have anti-inflammatory properties also. It is also known to reduce angiogenesis in cancerous tumors. But magnetic hydrogels containing curcumin-coated nanoparticles enhance the growth-promoting secretion of vascular endothelial. Actually, the possibility of using curcumin in vascular regeneration was already being expressed. But no concret

Mental Depression Can Greatly Increase The Risk of Heart And Related Diseases

Mental health has always been said to be related to physical fitness. This has also been confirmed by scientific researches. Recently, a new research has reported that depression in the elderly significantly increases the risk of cardiovascular (heart and arterial) diseases. The research, led by researcher Sandra Martín Plage and her team from the University of Granada , Spain, was published in the journal PLOS One . Cardiovascular disease and depression are believed to be closely related because of similar risk factors such as inflammation and oxidative stress. However, it has also been proven that depression can also be an important factor in increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease. But there have been very few studies analyzing the possible consequences of depression on cardiovascular health. Recommended ⬇️ Lack of Sleep Not Only Increases The Mental Stress But Also Increases Fat in Our Body In this new study, researchers used data from an ongoing six-year multi-c

Insomnia-Related Complaints Are Found In About Half of the Heart Disease Patients

Along with heart disease, there is also an increase in many types of health related problems. A lot of research has also been done about that. A recent research study has found that almost 50% of heart patients suffer from insomnia. This research was published in the journal ' Sleep Advances '. Lars Frojd, a medical student at the University of Oslo and lead author of the paper, said: 'There is a general belief that sleep disturbances are associated with mental health, but we found in our study that if we also include factors such as anxiety and depression. Still, sleeplessness is more related to heart disease. This study cautions that insomnia should also be taken care in the treatment of heart patients and adequate management should also be needed for it. He told that in this study 1,068 people who had undergone heart attack or bypass surgery were followed up for 6 months.  During this, data was collected about sleeplessness, a repeat factor of cardiovascular

The Habit of Sleeping With Lights on At Night Has An Adverse Effect on Our Health

Some people like to sleep in the dark at night while some sleep with the lights on. It all has its own exes. But these conditions have an impact on our health. Recently, a research has been told that even if you sleep in low light at night then it has negative effects on health. So you should make a habit of sleeping in the dark. In the US, according to researchers from Northwestern University, if we sleep with dim lights on, our cardiovascular function is negatively affected and insulin resistance increases the next morning. Dr. Phyllis G., chief of sleep medicine at the Feinberg School of Medicine , said that if you sleep in dim light, there may be disturbances in glucose and cardiovascular regulation, which can increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other metabolic syndromes. On the basis of these study findings, it is said that while sleeping at night, either turn off the light completely or keep the light at least. This research study was published in the jo

Lack of Sleep Not Only Increases The Mental Stress But Also Increases Fat in Our Body

Adequate sleep is essential for a healthy life. Lack of sleep can also lead to many types of physical and mental health problems. Lack of sleep also has the potential to give rise to a dreadful disease like cancer. Recently, Mayo Clinic research has found that lack of sleep and eating disorders can lead to unhealthy fats in our body. The research was published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology . The study, led by Naima Kovasin, a researcher in cardiovascular medicine at the Mayo Clinic, found that lack of adequate sleep leads to an increase in total abdominal fat, or fat, by up to nine percent. In addition, it can be up to 11 percent in the intestinal part. It aggravates cardiac and metabolic diseases. The main reason is our irregular lifestyle for this. By one estimate, about a third of adults in the US are deprived of adequate sleep because of shift work. Recommended ⬇️ Older People Who Take Statin Drugs Have A Lower Risk of Parkinson's Disease Ove

Older People Who Take Statin Drugs Have A Lower Risk of Parkinson's Disease

Consumption of any medicine indicates that a person is ill. But there are some medicines which cure the disease but its side effects cause another disease. While there are some medicines which not only cure the disease but also prevent inevitable diseases like Parkinson. Regarding this, an important study was conducted under the leadership of researchers from the American Academy of Neurology . This study found that elderly people who take statin drugs have a lower risk of Parkinson's disease than those who do not. The study was published in the ' Journal of Neurology '. Parkinson's disease mainly affects the elderly. It is associated with disorders of the nervous system. Due to this, the body of the person suffering from this tremors, there is also trouble in walking, the ability of the brain to control the organs decreases. What is a statin drug? This medication is commonly used to lower blood cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis (cleansing of the arteries

What is Autophagy and How Does it Work in Our Body to Digesting Damaged Cells?

The word autophagy is derived from the Greek words 'Auto' meaning self and 'Phagy' meaning eating. Autophagy is a self-digesting mechanism responsible for removal of damaged organelles in our body . It is a normal psychological process that is responsible for the automatic digestion of cells in human body. Autophagy is the same as feeding of damaged cells. Autophagy is a lysosome dependent mechanism to remove unnecessary proteins in our body. It suggests the orderly degradation and recycling of cellular components.  Autophagy maintains normal functions through protein degradation during biosynthesis, and nonfunctional long-lived proteins by lysosome. It automatically creates new cells to replace destroyed cells.  This concept emerged during the 1960's , when researchers first observed that the cell could destroy its own contents to the membrane. In the 1990s , Oshinori Ohsumi used Baker's yeast to identify genes required for autophagy destructions.